Why You Count at uMake

When we set out on our mission to make design fun again with uMake, we also decided early on that we wanted to create not just a great design tool, but a great uMake experience for our users. This goal affects everything we do at uMake and is bigger than just the app. Your questions, feedback, comments, and support are duly heard at uMake, and all of it is helping shape uMake and how we continue to develop the app.

Supporting you is more than an e-mail:

When you’ve got a question, we know that every minute counts in getting back to you as quickly as possible, no matter what kind of question you may have. We try to get back to our users in less than four hours, no matter where they are in the world, or what day it is. We also work hard to ensure we can give our users the most complete answers we can, which means we often try to replicate bugs, or rebuild a model to better understand the issue a user may be talking about. Every bit of feedback counts and we love hearing from our users. And when it comes feature requests, these get logged right away in our road map so we can see how we can integrate your requests in our development process, which brings us to our next point…

You are part of our roadmap:

Since launching the Beta of uMake and subsequently Version 1 of uMake we have worked hard to integrate feedback from our users and roll out updates every two weeks on average . In some cases, when we noticed significant demand for a specific feature, such as layers, we shifted priorities in our roadmap to be able to bring these features to you sooner rather than later. In addition to layers, In the past 6 months we have added coloring surfaces, transforming surfaces, changing line weight, advanced snapping options, advanced curve editing tools, STEP export, and the Plus subscription which were all user requested features. We are currently working on the next phase of layers, surface tools, and an updated interface, again all driven by requests from our amazing uMakers. If you have ideas for features or improvements, don't hesitate to let us know!

Our tutorials are driven by you:

Getting a tool is easy, getting to know how to use a tool can sometimes be a challenge. Many CAD programs have steep learning curves that take a few months to learn. At uMake we have done our best to create a great on-boarding experience with tutorials and in app help in addition to a user friendly and intuitive 3D experience. That said we we know that users love to learn new and fun ways of creating. To this end we are committed to continuously creating new tutorials, which are prominently featured in our #tutorialthursday series. Most of our tutorials are inspired by questions or ideas from our users, where we try to answer their questions or create a model around a suggested idea. It’s fun for everybody. If you have an idea for a tutorial, don't hesitate to let us know!

You Inspire us:

As we love to share knowledge through our tutorials, we also enjoy sharing and promoting amazing work that our users share with us. It is truly inspiring and every day we are excited to see the variety and breadth of the creations our uMakers are sketching and sharing. In fact it inspired us to share some of our work back with our uMakers, and thus we launched #freebieFriday. Each Friday we share some of the uMake creations we make each week with you to be able to help take your ideas further. Continue to inspire us with your creations and use the #umake hashtag when you share your work. As we continue to develop uMake and our uMake community, we are very excited to continue working with our amazing uMakers, because you count at uMake!  

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February 3, 2016