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So how exactly do you sketch in 3D space? Sketching in 3D space has never been easier, just start by holding down the blue orbit button to define which point in space to sketch in. There are three planes, thus 3D, and so whatever angle you choose to sketch on creates a plane for that given perspective.
Do half the work. Simultaneously. Symmetry allows users to sketch one side of a project and have the other side created at the same time. For Pro users, uMake takes symmetry one step further with mirroring. Mirroring allows users to create a symmetrical model after they have created one side of the model by simply chasing an axis to reflect selected curves over.
Sketch. Model. Create fully surfaced models from your sketch. First draw some curves in space, then create some surfaces between the curves of the sketch. What do you have? A surfaced model that can be used for for rendering or even 3D printing.
Create complex surfaces with the extrude and revolve features. Draw or use existing curves to create beautiful revolved surfaces. Or create complex shapes with the extrude tool. Both of these functions allow sketches to enter into the realm of 3D with ease.
Have an idea for a complex wheel? Or a watch face? Or maybe even a table and chairs? Use Polar array to create duplicate curves in a circular array in order to quickly create complex shapes with ease.

"Thanks to uMake, it now takes rudimentary 2D sketching skills to turn an idea into a model that is then usable within most 3D software. Doodling during meetings has never been that useful and easy"

Aurelien François

Senior Designer and Community Manager, Local Motors

"uMake is the only tool around that has tried to solve the design paradigm of going from 2D to 3D in the easiest and most intuitive way possible"

Ivan Santic

3D Motion designer, Founder Moth3r

"UMake anticipates my next move and gives me a way to blast out many ideas quickly and intuitively. There really isn't anything else out there that sketches like this. It's a wonderful communication tool."

David Gütting

Industrial Designer at Number 8 Lighting

Aurelien François Ivan Santic David Gütting

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