​uMake Version 1.1 is here!

We are very excited to announce a major update to uMake with the latest version, v1.1. With version 1.1, uMake has completely redesigned the interface based on user feedback, has made advanced features (like array, mirror, merge/blend, snap, and trim) free, and has changed the subscription model for our users. We are really excited about what this means for the future of 3D sketching and for our users!

Revised Interface

The most notable change to uMake in version 1.1 is it’s interface, which we started working on a few months ago. The goal was to free up the workspace a bit more, and show tools only when they were needed, but hide them when they weren’t. In addition to this, we took the feedback of our users and integrated it during the design process which led to a complete redesign of the orbit button and the functions surrounding it. Now the Orbit button can be moved to all 4 corners, and the undo/redo button are right next to it. We added a new ‘connect’ tool right next to the lasso tool, making it easier than ever to connect two curves. And we moved the most common functions a user would use when working to a new ‘Side Menu’ that is on the same side as the orbit button. Each function is now clearly named so the app is easier than ever to learn and use. On the other side we added a new side panel, which can be opened and closed and used throughout the creative process. Here users will find controls for their reference images, layers, settings, help and tutorials, and export options. While the side panel is great when it is opened to work with layers or reference images, some users may want to keep it hidden, but may need access to some of the tools within it, and that is where the ‘Quick Tools’ come in. In the lower corner opposite the Orbit button, users now have the ability to use quick tools to control Snap settings, Ortho Mode, and Symmetry. We worked hard to create a new interface and integrate a lot of user feedback all while keeping the look and feel of uMake the same—- simple and clean, while making it even more intuitive.

Advanced Tools are now free!

While working on the new interface, we wanted users to be able to have access to all of the great features we have built in uMake, and so we decided to make advanced tools free. The means that all users now have access to tools like array, trim, and mirror, as well as advanced curve editing tools such as connect and merge. In addition, users can create unlimited layers and access some of the more advanced snap tools. Creativity shouldn’t have limits, and so we thought the tools that we have created in uMake should be available to all users. If you have not tried them, we highly recommend checking out tools like the Array and mirror tool to see just how powerful they are.

A new uMake Pro

In addition to a revised interface and free advanced tools, we decided to add even more value to uMake and revise our subscription model. uMake Pro, which allows users the ability to create an unlimited number of files and export their creations to OBJ, IGES and STEP file formats is now only $9.99/ month. As we have decided to make all advanced tools free, we decided to simplify our subscription levels to just Starter (Free) and Pro ($9.99/month or $99.00/year). Some of you may be wondering what happens to your existing Pro or Plus subscriptions, but don’t worry, we've got you covered. For users current subscribed to a Plus or Pro subscription, your subscription will renew at the new Pro Rate of $9.99/month, or $99/year. For annual Pro subscribers who subscribed after May 15th, we are offering a $50 refund in the form of an iTunes gift card if you contact us with your receipt. We've really had a lot of fun working with our users over the past months and integrating their feedback into uMake to make the app better than ever. As always, we love to hear from our users and see what you are creating in uMake, so feel free to reach out to us!  

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July 19, 2016