#TimePiece Challenge: The Winners

The time has come to announce the podium for the uMake #TimePiece challenge hosted on the uMake community. Choosing the winning entries for this challenge was incredibly difficult. The work presented in the #TimePiece challenge is amongst some of the nicest work that has been shown on the uMake community to date. The level of excruciating detail many of you put in your designs was just unreal. We love watches and timepieces (that's why we ran a challenge for them) but we had no idea that so many of you loved them too, or would put so much incredible time and effort into your entries. We were so amazed with the level of work submitted, that we once again have another 2 honorable mentions, as well as a new "Notable Entry" category. So let's announce the winners!  

🏆 Notable Entry


We want to give a shout out to M Hero in this challenge for the progress they showed in their work and also for the presentation of the work. M Hero started very simple and continued to push their concept further with several iterations before the end. The progression that this work showed in M Hero's skill set stood out, and we wanted to celebrate that.    

🥉 Honorable Mentions

Next up is our honorable Mentions. Honorable mentions celebrate great work that impressed the uMake team and showed something really awesome that we want to highlight.

Julie O'Reily once again impressed the uMake team with her incredible watch designs, most notably her interstellar inspired watch. The amount of detail and complexity really impressed the uMake team. If you look at the back of the watch, Julie even simulated laser etched lettering. The whole design is just stunning!  Great work Julie!

Next up we want to honor Elijah Pointer for his incredible pocket watch design. Once again, the amount of detail, complexity, presentation, and overall design really stood out. The addition of the chain was jaw dropping for some of us in the office-- literally. Congrats Elijah, another incredible piece of work!   Now for the official prize winners: ....Drum roll please!.....  

🥈 Second Place 🥈

When determining the finalists, the entry from Jyrki Jurmo continued to end up on the top of the list. This elegant design stood out with some innovative drive features, a simple and beautiful design, and an intense level of detail. The watch face is adorned with two triangles and a gear setup that appears to drive rings where the hands are attached. Its new, clean, and a fun approach to new mechanicals in a watch unit. Congrats Jyrki!  

🥇 First Place 🥇


The winner of the first place grand prize in the #TimePiece design challenge is none other than Chris Reid! Congratulations! Chris really pushed the limits of what could be done with uMake with this watch, and created a beautifully detailed, elegant, and well presented timepiece that was just awe inspiring. In addition, we wanted to thank Chris for posting his incredible work early on in the challenge as we believe that the high caliber of his work helped push the overall quality of entries up, and helped to inspire others.   With that said we wanted to say once again that there were tons of amazing entries. To every one of you who participated in the #TimePiece challenge, first, congrats! You created something incredible and jumped into a challenge with some great designers! Second, thank you, for your participation! You helped make this challenge fun, beautiful, and awesome for everyone. And third, give yourself a pat on the back for doing such awesome work! We sincerely hope you had a lot of fun, and enjoyed the challenge. There will be more challenges to come, and more opportunities to win.   For now, here are a few of the other incredible entries to feast your eyes on.

By Cool Art Dimension

By Richmond Cuenca

By Andrie Bester

By Fanatico del 3D


Congrats again to everyone!

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August 30, 2017