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The Apple Pencil is arguably one of the nicest styli out there, and a natural companion tool to the iPad Pro. Apple took a great deal of care when designing the pencil to feel good in the hand, look nice and function great. However, in typical Apple Fashion, they left it up to 3rd parties to create better ways to transport and store your pencil. As the pencil is a somewhat sensitive tool, traveling with it can be somewhat of a challenge. Luckily, the great team over at Belkin came up with the Case + Stand for Apple Pencil.   After carrying the pencil around in the original box it shipped in for over a year, it was time to upgrade to something actually designed for the task. The Belkin Case + Stand for Apple Pencil is hands down the ultimate travel case for the Pencil. Made of high quality materials, the case features a soft touch charcoal grey top cover and even has a silky soft felt lining on the inside that matches perfectly with Apple's own smart keyboard or smart cover. The cover magnetically attaches to the bottom case, which is made of high quality gloss white polycarbonate, that matches the look and feel of the Apple Pencil. The case features a stand for the pencil that protrudes the cover at one end, which gives a nice design element but also alludes to the added functionality of the stand.

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Opening up the case reveals a fitted slot for the Apple Pencil, with extra space around the tip end to make taking the pencil out easy. Next to the Pencil Belkin has designed an area with a sliding door to store an extra nib, the charging adaptor, and the end cap of the pencil for when the pencil is charging. Belkin designed the fitted slots so that these small, easy to lose parts fit nice and snug, yet are easy to get out. Simply slide the 'door' up, and they are securely stored until you need them.

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While using the pencil, the built in stand in the case provides an easy resting spot for the pencil so that your pencil wont roll away if you lay it down on your desk. Instead, but putting the pencil in the stand vertically, it is easy to set the pencil down and pick up as you create and switch between touch gestures and sketching modes. After using the Belkin Case + Stand for the past month and a half, and going on a 3 week trip to Europe with it, it is easy to recommend such a well thought out, well designed product that solves the issue of traveling with the pencil, and gives you a great little stand for the pencil wherever you are on the go. If you'd like to learn more check out Belkin's website here, or read some reviews here.

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January 12, 2017