Sometimes you may want to make a duplicate file. In uMake it is very easy and there are two ways to do so. This video shows you both methods of duplicating files.


 Creating duplicate files in uMake can be done
 in 2 easy ways.
 From the file manager tap ‘Edit’ in the
 top right corner.
 Then select the file or files you wan to duplicate.
 In the bottom right corner you will notice
 an option to duplicate those files.
 Tap ‘Duplicate’ and you will have created
 duplicate files.
 Once done, tap ‘Done’ in the upper right
 to exit edit mode in the file manager.
 The second method to duplicate files can be
 found in the uMake editor.
 Open a project, and then tap the second icon
 from the left in the top of the interface.
 This will create a duplicate of that file
 as you work on it.
 Try both methods to see how you can use each
 one as you create.

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