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The View panel enables you to choose what you see and don’t see as you work. Here you can change the visibility of certain objects and interface elements while you work.

Saved Views

Save specific views. Toggling between views will animate the camera between views. This is great for presenting your projects. Tap on saved views to create views. Tap the ‘+’ button to add a view. Each view can be renamed or deleted. You can create as many views as needed. If you tap on the Camera icon at the top, toggling between views will be animated.


– Toggle on the visibility of Curves or Surfaces. Great if you need to quickly hide all curves, or surfaces as you work.


Toggle on or off elements of the canvas grid

  • Axis – Show or hide the X, Y, and Z axes.
  • Grid – Show or hide the Grid
  • Grid Subdivisions – Show or hide the grid subdivisions. Note – Grid must be enabled to show subdivisions.


The visualization elements improve the overall look of a model in uMake by adding shadows and reflections. This is where you can toggle those elements on or off. 

  • Reflection – when using reflective materials, this is where you can toggle on or off how they reflect.
  • Object Shadow – when you have complex objects, uMake can create shadows between various objects to add depth and dimension to the design. This can be toggled on or off to show shadows cast by various objects on one another.
  • Ground Shadow – Objects close to the ‘ground’ plane can cast shadows on the ground. Toggle them on or off here.

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