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One way to create surfaces is using the revolve tool. The revolve uses a ‘Profile’ curve and then revolves that curve around a determined ‘axis’ to create a surface. This is good for making shapes like vases, cones, domes, and other complex surfaces that will result in a circular or arched surface.

To use the Revolved surface tool, simply select one curve, and then tap ‘Revolve’.

Once you tap Revolve, you will be presented with 3 more options in the Revolve tool:

  • Revolution angle: Tap this to change the revolution angle– this is the angle of revolution– you can slide the slider between 5 and 360º.
  • Snap: Snap will assist you in snapping the axis of the revolution to either perfectly vertical, 45º or perfectly horizontal.
  • Wireframe: This will create a wireframe of the revolved surface versus a full surface.

After toggling these options, you will see two blue handles at the end of the selected curve and (sometimes) dotted blue line between those handles. This is the axis of revolution. By default, the axis of revolution defaults to a straight line between the endpoints of a curve. Taping and dragging on either of the blue handles will change the axis of revolution. You can move either handle and as you do you will notice a dashed blue line between the handles. As you move the handle you will see the revolved surface update in real time. Moving the axis will change the shape of the revolved surface. You can even move the axis away from the initial curve. This will result in a hole in the middle of the revolved surface but this is how you create wheels and other more complex revolved surfaces.

Once you are done creating a revolved surface, tap the green check mark.

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