Quick Menus

The quick Menu’s, if enables in settings, let you quickly access Snap and Symmetry tools. They are located opposite the Orbit Button in the lower corner of the interface.

Snap Tools

By default Quick Menus show icons for the Snap tools. From left to right, you can toggle the following snap tools:

  • Snap to Grid
  • Snap Center of Object
  • Snap Control Points to curve ends
  • Snap Control Points to any Curve point
  • Snap Tool/ Symmetry Tool toggle

For more details on the snap tools see the Snap Tool Settings here.

Symmetry Tools

tap the right most icon to toggle the Symmetry Function. Tap Symmetry to show the 3 Axes. Left to right you will have 

  • Z Axis Symmetry (Blue)
  • Y Axis Symmetry (Green)
  • X Axis Symmetry (Red)

To toggle on one of the axes, symply tap on the axis you prefer to reflect over.

For more details on the symmetry tool see the Symmetry Tool here

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