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The uMake Playground is uMakes’ asset library with over 200 professionally made models and assets to help you get started with your creations. Tap on the icon with small shapes to open the Playground Panel.

You will then be presented with four main categories for the assets – Transportation, Primitives, Architecture, and Product. Tapping on any of the 4 main categories will take you to a menu with sub categories of different assets. Tapping on any of these will then take you to the asset library.

To download an import a model into your canvas, simply tap on the model/asset you would like to use. This will start the download of the model. Once the model is downloaded, the icon will change from being grayed out to fully colored. Then just tap and drag on the icon to your canvas, and you will load the model into your project.

My Files

The fifth icon in the main category menu, ‘My Files,’ lets you use previously opened files that you have created. If you see the project you want to import into your current project, simply tap and drag on the file to bring it into your current project.

If you don’t see the model you are looking for, you will need to exit out of your current project, open the file you want to use. Then go back to the previous project and go to ‘My Files’ again. You should now see the previously opened file and be able to use it.

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