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The extrude tool enables you to create extruded surfaces from curves. An extruded surface takes the contours of any curve and creates a surface from that contour. Extruding surfaces is one of several ways you can create surfaces in uMake. In addition you can also create extrusions along paths with the extrude tool. Using the extrude tool is easy. When you have one OR two curves selected, you will see the extrude function available in the uMake Side Menu. Tap on extrude. You will now the following 3 options: 

  • Two Ways: Two ways extrudes the surface in two directions at the same time. This is good if you have a curve in the middle and want to make a symmetrical surface.
  • Wire frame: Tap wire frame to show a wire frame surface versus an opaque surface.
  • Along Path: When you have two curves selected, and want to create an extrusion along a path, tap Along path.

Once you tap extrude, you will see a yellow dot appear in the middle of the selected curve. This is what we call a ‘Handle’. Tap and drag the handle to create the extruded surface. Depending on the angle of the camera and the direction you pull the handle, your extrusion can change. Ideally you want to drag the handle perpendicular to the long side of the curve. If you have two ways on, the extrusion will extrude in two directions. Once you are done with the extrusion, tap the green check mark.

If you want to create an extrusion along a path, you first must have two selected curves. One curve will act as a path, and the other will act as a profile– this curve will determine the shape of the surface, while the path will determine the direction. Then tap ‘Along Path’. The yellow handle will appear on one of the two curves. Make sure that the yellow handle is on the curve you want to extrude- the profile curve. Drag the handle along the path to the point that you want (this can be partial distance of the path or full length) and then when you are done tap the green check mark.

For more information on using the extrude tool, check out this video here

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