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Sketch planes are the magic behind uMake. They enable anyone to sketch in 3D space, and this is what separates uMake from any other 3D creation app on the market today. Sketch planes change the planes that you sketch on. 

When you first open a file in uMake, you will sketch on 1 of 3 planes – the plane between the Z and Y Axes (Side View) the plane between the X and Y axes (Front View) or the planes between the X and Z axes (Top view). Any curves drawn in these views are sketched by default on these planes which intersect each other. This is fine, but it makes it tricky to draw in 3D space. You could select the curves and then move them, but this takes time. So instead, uMake lets you move the plane you sketch on with sketch planes. 

Think of sketch planes as a piece of paper you can move around in 3D space. You can sketch curves on that paper, and whatever you sketch will float in 3D space even if you move the 3D paper. This lets you rapidly create amazing 3D designs.

So, here is how to work with sketch planes!

To create a sketch plane, simply tap and hold anywhere on the canvas until you see a red dot with dashed lines. You have now created a 1 point sketch plane – the red dot is called a ‘Sketch Plane Point’. This point essentially resets where the origin point is, and resets where the planes you sketch on are. This means that the plane you sketch on will be moved depending on the orientation of the camera. As you orbit around the sketch plane point, you will see a grid that will change based on the orientation of the camera. As long as the grid is visible, you can sketch on the grid, and any curve you sketch, will remain in place in space.

In addition to this, you can create a 2 point sketch plane – this is very useful for creating curves on angled surfaces. Simply tap and hold anywhere on the canvas to create 2 sketch plane points. In addition to this, you can place a sketch plane point along with any curve or curve endpoint. You can even use the feature to create a plane between the ends of two curves and connect two curves.

It takes some practice using sketch planes, and while creating them is easy, we recommend watching the following video to help you see how they work in action.

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3D Sketching (Sketch Planes)

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