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Side Menu Overview

The Dynamic Side Menu is a menu that contains tools for creation that dynamically appears and changes based on what...
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Done (green checkmark)

The green check mark always appears at the top of the side menu and can be to to confirm that...
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Before we talk about the copy tool, just remember this – always remember to turn it off right after to...
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The Mirror tool in uMake is very useful if you want to reflect objects over a chosen axis to create...
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Edit Curve(s)

If you select one or more curves, tap “Edit” to enable the editing function. This will let you modify curves...
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The extrude tool enables you to create extruded surfaces from curves. An extruded surface takes the contours of any curve...
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Group Objects

In addition to having layers, uMake lets you create groups of objects. This makes it easier to create complex models...
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One way to create surfaces is using the revolve tool. The revolve uses a ‘Profile’ curve and then revolves that...
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The Array tool enables you to create a Polar array of objects in uMake. You can make up to 16...
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Erase Objects

The erase tool lets you erase curves, surfaces, and groups with ease. Simply select what you would like to erase,...
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