Редактирование поверхностей

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  4. Редактирование поверхностей

Как только поверхности созданы в uMake, вы можете редактировать их цвет и форму после того, как они были созданы.

Изменение цвета поверхности или материала

To change the color or material of a surface, simply double tap on the surface to select it. Once selected, the top menu will change to reveal options to change the color and material of a surface. 

uMake lets you add materials to a surface to give projects a bit more realism. To change the material tap on the shiny ?ball? in the top menu and choose from the pre-made materials. This will change the appearance of the surface to look more like the material you choose, be it metal, plastic, chrome or painted. 

To the right of the materials, you can change the color of the material by tapping on the color icon. This will open up a color palette where you can change the color and shade of materials. Tap on the desired color and your surface will change to that color.

Изменение формы поверхности

To change the shape of a lofted, planar, extruded, or revolved surface, simply change the shape of the edge curves it was formed from. Tap once on a single curve, or select multiple curves and tap ‘edit’ from the Editor side menu to edit the curves. Editing these edge curves will change the overall shape of the surfaces.

NOTE: These edge curves will only change a surface if they have not been split or modified from when they created the surface. If they have been split or changed, the surface will detach from the edge curves. In this situation, you may need to make a new surface.

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Редактирование поверхностей

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