uMake has Officially Launched

uMake has Officially Launched

We're very thrilled to announce the official launch of uMake on the App Store today. Two years ago, the idea of uMake was crazy enough that we thought it's a good idea to invest our precious time into it. We did a ton of research and worked around the clock until finally this crazy idea, this dream, became a reality. Our mission is to help many others express their ideas and concepts in 3D, in a similar manner as we expressed our ideas by creating uMake. It wan't easy, we invested every penny we had into our dream, spoke with so many people from around the world about our ideas and worked really hard. We met great people that wanted to help and be part of this experience and we're truly grateful everyone who helped us along the way. Creating something new isn't easy and creating something different is even more challenging. We do know that this new approach of sketching in 3D opens a new door for unlimited creativity, all in a 3D space. We're very excited to bring you uMake and can't wait to see what you'll be able to create with it. Download uMake today from the app store, and share your creations with us on Facebook and Twitter. Thank you, Evi, Erik and Nyko

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November 11, 2015