#RacingWaves Challenge: The Winners

Let's dive right into this by saying that we were very impressed by the quality of the entries submitted to the #RacingWaves challenge. It was a lot of fun to see so many beautiful, detailed, and interesting designs submitted, but this also made it quite difficult to choose the winners. That said, after much deliberation, here are the winners of the uMake #RacingWaves Design Challenge.

🥉 Honorable Mentions

Initially we had only listed two prizes, however  we are going to start off with our honorable mention entries first.

We wanted to give an honorable mention to the incredible big red trimaran by none other than Chris Reid. This entry complete with incredible details and beautiful surfacing stood out and blew us out of the water!

In a third place honorable mention, we wanted to give a shout out to Rob Pfishner's incredible entry. The presentation and design of this boat were terrific-- we loved the details of the rear deck as well.

Now for the official prize winners:

....Drum roll please!.....  

🥈 Second Place 🥈

In second place, chosen for the fun factor as well as the presentation, is Aapo Pennanen's hydrofoil racer. A favorite of the uMake team and our guest judge, this entry looked like something we all wanted to take a ride on. Aapo will win a pair of Hawkers sunglasses as well as a uMake cleaning cloth to keep the iPad Clean.  

🥇 First Place 🥇

The first place grand prize, chosen for the attention to detail and accuracy, and one of our guest judge Benjamin Goudout's favorites, is the sailboat entry from Julie O'Reilly. Julie's use of textures, attention to detail on things like cabin entry, controls, and cabling made this a community favorite early on. Congrats Julie! Julie will win a pair of Hawkers sunglasses as well as a uMake Cleaning Cloth, Stress ball, and photo-realistic rendering. To everyone who entered into the #RacingWaves challenge, we want to thank you for your participation! It was really awesome to see what you did with uMake, and it looked like everyone was having fun, which is all we could hope for!   Congrats again to everyone!

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August 17, 2017