Our Interview with Mohamed Albaiti

Over the past year, we've seen some really amazing uMake work be shared on social media channels, and one designer caught our eye on Instagram earlier this year with his detailed and fun vehicle designs. Mohamed Albaiti, from the United Arab Emirates, is a vehicle design enthusiast who picked up uMake and started sketching his ideas for a wide array of vehicles ranging from sports coupes to detailed SUV's and Motorcycles. We decided to reach out to Mohamed and ask him a few questions for this months Featured uMaker profile.

1. Hey Mohamed, would you mind telling us a little bit about you background? Were you or are you currently a designer?  I'm a self-taught automotive designer with good background in instrument technology and aviation engineering. I haven't practiced car design as a profession yet, I only started it as a hobby and it  has grown on me and is now a dream.

2. How did you find out about uMake? What made you stick to it?  I found out about uMake when I was browsing the Apple App Store searching for the best sketching applications. I saw the app presentation and it amazed me how easy it is to transfer a 2D sketch to a 3D model and convert it to use it with other 3D applications.

3. Your uMake models, even though they are mostly automotive in nature, are quite varied. Where do you find your inspiration for them?  There are a number of things that inspire me, it could be by a design of a car or a piece of furniture or an architectural design. Sometimes inspirations comes from the environment around me. 4. What is your favorite aspect about uMake?  In general the application is amazing it is really smooth and powerful, but I love the array tool, very easy to use and to control. I also have to say that about the rest of the tools, the designers did a really good job. 5. What would you love to see in the future with uMake?  I just wish if the programmers could improve the way to adjust the curves because when I start shaping the line ends up with a lot of adjustment points which gets hard to control the shape.

6. What is your favorite model that you've created so far?  All my designs are cars, I love them all, but I particularly love the SUV I did with the engine and the mechanical details. 7. What are your plans for the future? Now that you are quite strong with uMake do you think you will take the next step and learn another CAD program?  Yes, for sure I have already worked on different 3d programs like 3DS Max and Maya but uMake is faster for building models, although it's not giving the perfect results when it's coming to a complicated objects like cars which have a lot of small details.  I use uMake to build the base of the designs. 8. Are there any models that you've been aching to create in uMake that you haven't had the chance to yet?  For now, any ideas come to my mind I just open uMake and start sketching. And that's why I like it because it's easy and quick and it's a powerful application that works on your iPad. 9. Are there any models you wish existed in uMake that you could just open and draw around?  A highway street maybe? 

10. You like to post your work on Instagram! Why Instagram versus other channels?  I'm not really crazy with social media but I think Instagram is more common and popular, but soon I'm gonna post my works on deviant art. Here are a few more of Mohamed's models. You can see his Instagram profile here.


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December 15, 2016


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