Meet the uMake Team

We are a group of hardworking and passionate creators who have come together to help shape the future of bringing ideas to fruition. We come from a diverse set of backgrounds, and across a multitude of past experiences that are all geared towards shaping the future of ideation to creation. Ideas are our passion. Ideas have created everything you see around you and it takes a certain someone to have the grit and tenacity to make those ideas a reality. It takes drive, creativity and a passion for solving tough challenges. Our aim is to take each and everyone’s learnings and passion and to combine it into intuitive software that can be shared throughout the world.

Our team always likes to stay on the cutting edge and you often can find anyone of us following along with anything related to 3D, mobile or computer graphics. Evi Meyer is the CEO & Co-Founder, who leads by example with quality and energy to drive everyone forward. His positive perspective balanced with hard work and knowledge is truly awe-inspiring. Evi’s thinking has been refined from years of sharpening world- class products that are design centered and intuitive. Erik Sapir is the reason we get to create 3D sketches. As CTO and Co-Founder Erik is living out his daily passions with the continued development of uMake. He is a computer graphics enthusiast and a former team leader & Software Architect at Autodesk’s AutoCAD mobile project. Nyko de Peyer is so much more than a community manager, the title is really just something to have in place for the output of his continual guidance to the 3D design community. He comes from a car design company where he created tremendous renderings of next generation vehicles, sort of like the spaceship he designed which was featured on the Apple Keynote in Fall 2015. Every tutorial and educational piece of in-depth graphics originates from this guys packs a punch. Rinat Almog not only makes sure the quality shows in every single item of the product but she really enjoys sketching all types of next generation concepts.  She is always coming with design solutions that are fun and have a playful perspective, which is fitting since Rinat stands for “happy and joyful”. Her constant learning and design skills translate into clarity around new features and products that bring joy to others. Roi Berlin is one of our Software Developers and a cornerstone to our team. There is no challenge that goes unsolved when he is intent on fixing it. A hardcore coder who thoroughly enjoys working on interesting interactions in software development, go ahead and try to stump him with anything. Shai Balassiano is our Software Developer and magic maker.  Shai is a mathematician at heart and is passionate about coding, interfaces, and 3D spaces. He is addicted to tea and loves to rock climb, despite having a fear of heights. He is currently working on some very big and audacious projects to shape the future of interactive uMake experiences. Andy LeSavage is our Head of Growth and is the swiss army knife of marketing. An innovator who enjoys bringing ideas to life around interactive images, he believes that each image can tell a powerful story. He is a creator who aims to facilitate the democratization of ideas, images and advertising. A lifelong athlete who skis, runs marathons and enjoys biking. Galit Eagle is our rock star UI/UX Designer who is devoted to elegance, aesthetics and tiny details. She loves following design trends, exploring new technologies, yoga and spinning. Giora Shcherbakov is an enthusiastic software engineer who loves designing and implementing solutions for whatever comes through the door. Highly addicted to 3D graphic engines.  

Our Locations

Our offices are in San Francisco, California and Tel-Aviv, Israel two of the world's greatest technology hubs. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1024"]


Photo Credit: Maggie & Rick[/caption] Tel-Aviv hosts the bulk of our product and engineering resources. Our well-lit office is right in the center of Tel-Aviv where you can find great coffee, exciting nightlife, and an array of cultural events going on around the clock. If you are in town feel free to stop by and we can grab a plate of the locals favorite hummus. Our San Francisco office is in the center of the financial district and is the hub for our business development and marketing operations. We enjoy biking to the office and keeping a laid back vibe. Once a week we rollout to a good restaurant to appreciate the finer things in life, but typically are heads down working to grow uMake while consuming vast amounts of coffee and tea. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="2048"]

San Francisco

Photo Credit: davitydave[/caption] Our company values, objectives and philosophy are a direct reflection of the kind of culture we want to inspire: where everyone involved is driven to create world-class, next-generation products and user experiences with meaningful, positive impact. At the end of the day our customers are the ones who keep us inspired and motivated and it is only because of them that we have this opportunity. Thanks, The uMake Team

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August 29, 2016