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When I was 15, I knew I wanted to be a car designer, but I had no idea where to even begin. I was sketching cars on lined paper and still remember the first time I sketched a design in perspective. Fast forward 16 years and the world has changed. A lot. These days 15 year olds have the world at their fingertips, quite literally. With the age of high speed internet, and mobile devices, young aspiring designers have a wealth of resources just a few taps away at any given time. Online communities like Youtube, Facebook, Behance, Coroflot, and Artstation provide an unlimited amount of resources and inspiration to help new designers learn and build their skills. In addition an increasing number of design tools are changing the design landscape. Students now have access to tons of free, or very low cost applications out there, including uMake.    

3D House GIF

    Over the past few months we've noticed just how much this is changing the future landscape for designers around the world. In the uMake design community we are seeing highly complex models being created by young designers who, prior to using uMake, had no prior design experience. They are mobile, they are free spirited, they are curious, driven, dedicated and full of talent. Even more, by the time they enter college, they will already know how to build complex NURBS based surface models, and be on the way to mastering programs like Rhino, Maya or Alias, which they will probably find 'easy'. [caption id="attachment_1252" align="aligncenter" width="640"]

Taj Mahal 3D Design

Taj Mahal by Ege Engin[/caption] So, after seeing so much inspirational and awesome content from a few of our young uMakers, we decided to reach out to them to learn more about what the future holds. To say we are excited, would be an understatement. Ege Engin, Elijah Pointer, Leo Kuchen and Michael Strogoff have each emerged as leaders within the uMake community, and represent the future of design. Each of them has found their own style, and their work is simply awesome!  

Ege Engin

When leaving to study abroad for a year and given a choice between a MacBook Air or an iPad Pro, Ege chose an iPad pro so he could play games. While searching the app store he came across uMake and decided to give it a try. In the past 6 months, Ege has shown an incredible versatility in his design skills form recreating scenes from Star Wars in incredible detail, to creating highly intricate and and complex engines. In uMake he has rebuilt the Taj Mahal, Petronas towers, and Golden Gate Bridge, created complex robotic droids, and had fun re-creating a scene from Super Mario Brothers. While he is split between wanting to be a doctor or designer, the sheer skill that Ege has gained in the last 6 months puts him on course to being a very capable surface modeler well before most people graduate university.  


Elijah Pointer

If you browse the uMake community, it is not uncommon to see a comment on nearly every post by Elijah Pointer. In addition to being a great community member, Elijah has progressed impressively over just a few short months, and has taken the time to create helpful tutorials for new uMake users, all while creating very cool models such as robotic droids and mechanical claws. In his latest project, Elijah has recreated a small city block using elements from the Playground and an impressive selection of textures. With the vision to already create a small environment and then create impressive animations and still shots from within this scene, Elijah is well on his way to potentially creating scenes and models that could be used for video games, movies, special effects and more. All this before graduating high school.


Leo Kuchen

We met Leo Kuchen through the uMake Community when he started posting some very cool and diverse design projects ranging from various headphone designs, musical instruments, all the way to some pretty house designs. While he primarily uses his iPad for school, he's also spent some time to hone his 3D sketching skills. When we reached out to Leo for this blog post, he told us "uMake is indeed opening the world of 3D design for young people in a very efficient way, due to the apps simplicity and how easy it is to get started" which we couldn't agree with more. We had the pleasure of working on a collaboration with Leo earlier this year on rendering his amazing hover car in Keyshot. We are excited to do more collaborations like this in the future.


Michael Strogoff

Michael Strogoff, an aspiring airplane designer and a junior in high school has been using uMake as his first 3D design app to recreate existing airplanes, and then create his own designs. His goal is to change the world of aerospace-- and learning 3D early on will definitely help him get closer to that goal. In the months since starting to use uMake, he has recreated a number of well known airframes, such as the F-117 Stealth Fighter, The X1, F16, and a few older WWII aircraft. As designing planes can be quite complex Michael has asked if it would be possible to collaborate on creating planes with a few users creating different parts such as engines, that could be used to help design faster. We are pretty excited to work with him and the uMake community to make this happen and see where this can go-- one step closer to changing the future of aviation!

-- We are really excited about the future and what the next generation designers will bring to the table. They are who drive us to constantly find new ways to enable anyone of any skill level to create in 3D. If you want to see more work from Ege, Elijah, Leo or Michael, be sure to follow them on the uMake community.

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May 5, 2017