Let's Shape Our 3D World

Let's shape our 3D world What an interesting start to 2017! If we have learned anything it is that we all need to come together to help each other form and strategically design the world that we want to live in. A recent study was announced by Science Daily that our entire existence might be similar to watching a 3-D movie in a cinema, well let's start sculpting the universe we want with uMake. We have some exciting new announcements for you that should expand your horizons and your designs!

3D World GIF
iPad Login

Login Experience

It's now easier to go directly where you need to go without any wasted motion through our new "Welcome Back" login experience.

3D Design School

Design School

Watch the newly refined tutorials that make it fun and easy to learn anything about creating in 3D.

3D Photo Import

Photo Panel

We updated the importing of a photo so that you can add a photo directly to a surface to create a texture, move the photo to any plane, and customize it to your needs.

3D Atmosphere


Go to the “View” panel to bring in an amazing 360 background atmosphere to add context and depth to your creations. Thanks for checking out our blog. You can download the latest app version here.

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February 23, 2017