Le Mans Prototype Design Challenge: The winners

The celebrate one of the most iconic and difficult motorsports events that takes place each year, uMake decided to run design challenge to encourage uMakers to show us their vision of a Le Mans Prototype class race car. The challenge lasted for one week, and overlapped the actual 24 hours of Le Mans Race which took place June 17-18th. After evaluating the designs and working with our guest judge, Mike Jelinek, we are excited to announce the podium! Drumroll please....   1st Place: Ege Engin

Coming in first place at the checkered flag is the entry submitted by Ege Engin. Ege took his design to the edge and tried some really amazing surfacing tricks. "Ege's design is the most proportionally close to a Le Mans prototype Racer" said Mike Jelinek, our esteemed judge for this competition. We would have to agree, and seeing this design on the track would be fantastic. In addition, Ege pushed his design a bit further when he applied a carbon fiber texture to it. We are excited to create some photorealistic renderings of the design!   Second Place: Chris Reid

Coming in at Second place is the entry submitted by Chris Reid. Chris has sone some really cool vehicles before, and this entry was quite intriguing. After a few revisions to the rear, Chris started getting close to Le Mans proportions but what really struck us was the front end elements. Acccording to Jelinek, "Ideas in the front are quite interesting and worth further development". This struck us as well as there is definitely some interesting ideas presented throughout the concept that could yield a neat race car with a bit more work. Chris then applied a gold and chrome color scheme to his racer -- something not too far off from the colors used by the 2nd place team in the actual Le Mans race this year.   3rd Place: Elijah Pointer

  Coming in 3rd place is the entry by Elijah Pointer. Elijah's entry is very detailed and full of interesting ideas and features. The venting systems throughout are worth exploring, and give the vehicle a unique look. The details around the cockpit are also really nice. Elijah wrapped his design in an orange and black color scheme, another color scheme used in this years race by several teams. As with the second place entry, a bit more development on this design and it could easily be a winner.   We received a few other entries which we thought we would mention. Honorable Mention: David Runyon

uMaker David Runyon's LeMans RV submission was quite crazy in it's idea and presentation. While we're not sure how well this would have done on the track, there is always a need for RV's at the actual race, so the concept of combining the race car platform and RV structure is actually something to contemplate. Honorable Mention: J OReilly

J OReilly has been creating a diverse range of projects ranging from a replica of the Saturn V rocket to boats to furniture. This is among her first car design projects and for a first go at a car, it's a good start. We are excited to see what J OReilly does next-- definitely take a look at her profile if you have the chance to.   Last but not least, to everyone who participated, thank you very much for your participation, comments, collaboration, and support. This was only our second challenge run on the community and we learned a lot from it. We are really excited to run more. If you have ideas or suggestions, don't hesitate to let us know. Congratulations once again to all of the participants!      

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June 21, 2017