From 2D Painting to 3D Modeling: Our Conversation with Pony

With the boom in virtual and augmented reality, and the move to 3D content from companies such as Facebook and Snapchat, there's no better time to learn about 3D content creation. uMake started with the idea to make creating in 3D easier than ever, and we are excited to see our hard work in practice, with users like "Fcb Xm" or as they prefer to be called, Pony. We noticed some of the extremely creative and detailed designs that Pony was sharing in our community, and we wanted to get to know what their background was.  

Hi Pony, we were wondering what kind of art you specialize in?

I am good at drawing game illustrations and game concepts, and drawing some watercolors in my spare time. I'm good at fantasy and steam/diesel punk. [caption id="attachment_1796" align="alignnone" width="683"]

Original paintings by Fcb Xm/Pony[/caption]

And what is your current profession?

I have worked for the game company “Soul game” for four years now, as the original painting director.

What made you interested in creating 3D art?

I had been thinking about doing some 3D work for some time, but I have no time to learn about 3D software (due to the complexity of the software available)... until I saw uMake once.

What about uMake drew you to the app?

At first I didn't realize the strength of uMake until I saw the fox tutorial video. I thought, "wow, that is so cool! I understood how to use the app," and then I learned uMake operations step by step, thanks to the tutorial videos. [caption id="attachment_1775" align="alignnone" width="640"]

We love that with Pony's digital painting background, he is able to create beautiful painted textures for his models in uMake. As you can see in this model of the Disney character, Wall-E.[/caption]

What future features would you like to see in uMake?

Hopefully, uMake will be able to add a spontaneous light texture. It would also be great if it could make a skeleton binding and allow for simple animation.

Do you have any advice for other 2D artists looking to learn 3D modeling?

The biggest challenge in learning about uMake is to create a fun model with simple lines. For traditional 2D painters to master the creation of 3D models faster and faster, uMake works best for you. According to what I learned in the tutorials, being able to edit lines with control points will allow you to be more creative with your designs.

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July 20, 2017