#FlyTheSky Challenge Winners

It's time to come down from the clouds, make a nice soft landing, and announce the podium for the uMake #FlyTheSky challenge hosted on the uMake community. What a fun challenge and what awesome and detailed entries we got! We had a ton of fun watching the projects buzz in, seeing the multiple concepts about what could fly in the sky, and seeing ideas for future airframes as well as renditions of past and present ones. The level of detail shown in some was absolutely incredible, and the ideas shown in others definitely had us take a second look. To everyone who participated-- thank you for making the #FlyTheSky Challenge a lot of fun! To our awesome judges, Chris Reid (who came up with the idea for the challenge) and Michael Strogoff (aviation enthusiast and future pilot) -- a huge thanks for helping with this challenge. Cheers to that, and now... for the winners!  

🏆 Notable Entry


We want to give a shout out to Andrew Krysowaty in this challenge for his absolutely wacky yet awesome dragon inspired flyer. This just stuck out to us on so many levels as it harkened back to the old initial flying craft designs, combined some dragon elements, and yet had a beak and a cockpit! This is just a really fun entry to look at and we thought it deserved some recognition!  

🥉 Honorable Mentions

Next up is our honorable Mentions. Honorable mentions celebrate great work that impressed the uMake team and showed something really awesome that we want to highlight.

Kieth worked on some incredible cutaway designs to showcase the technical inner workings of his airframe and engine designs. We loved how he achieved this and how detailed his work is. The design above is the culmination of his other design elements (he did an entry for cockpit, for engines, etc. The detail and thought put into this definitely made us look twice so we thought, OK, Keith gets an honorable mention!

Next up we want to honor Andrie Bester for his incredible airframe designs. Andrie showed us how it is done and did some really great work, doing extremely realistic designs. While he had multiple airframe entries in this challenge, the one above stood out for how detailed it is and how nice the work is. We loved how this one, and the others turned out, so here it is on the honorable mention podium. Now for the official prize winners: ....Drum roll please!.....  

🥈 Second Place 🥈

When determining the finalists, the entry from Mick Lykan  definitely stood out, and the judges and uMake team were a fan of not only the design, but how technical it is and unique it is. One of our judges, Michael Strogoff said about this design "his project is a stunning depiction of the future of fighter aircraft, and a reminder that imagination is the only limit to possibility" and we tend to agree, though we hope the future won't need fighter jets. While it is always challenging to choose the podium,  this one definitely stood out in our eyes for not only a cool design, but good use of colors, and detailed elements as well.  

🥇 First Place 🥇


The winner of the first place grand prize in the #FlyTheSky design challenge goes to MV! Congratulations! The judges loved the design, details, and throwback that MV did with this design. Cool color scheme, material breakup, and very accurate model in many respects. In addition the judges loved the other model from M V and choosing between the two wasn't easy. Really nice work MV! We hope to see more in the future!   With that said we wanted to say once again that there were tons of great entries. To every one of you who participated in the #FlyTheSky challenge, first, congrats! We know it is not easy to create something for a challenge and put it out there to be judged, so thank you for your participation! We hope you had fun!   Lastly, we had two very cool engines we wanted to showcase from the challenge.

By Elijah Pointer

By Kieth


Congrats again to everyone!

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December 27, 2017