Featured uMaker: Chris Reid

  In December 2015, uMake launched a small design challenge on our Facebook page to encourage contestants to design their vision of what they would like to fly, ride, sit in or talk to in a galaxy far far away. The contest, a way to celebrate the long awaited film, Star Wars The Force Awakens, is how we were lucky enough to meet Chris Reid, who was new to uMake but worked hard to create several concepts for the challenge. As a finalist, Chris received an iPad case as well as a bag to carry his iPad in. When the challenge ended however, Chris continued to use uMake almost daily, and posted his projects on Facebook, constantly challenging himself to create unique and awesome projects. We feel really lucky to have Chris as a part of our community, and it is only fitting that Chris is our first featured uMaker! We recently sat down with Chris to ask him about how he uses uMake and also to share some of his thoughts about uMake with us. All of the artwork in this post are creations by Chris himself.

Hey Chris, would you mind telling us a little bit about you background? Were you or are you currently a designer? My past? No I never did anything with design. Instead I worked as a supervisor at a newspaper printing press for many years and did lawn care. How did you find out about uMake? What made you stick to it?  I was trying out different types of art a few years back just for fun. I started with some paintings and a few drawings and kind of gave up on it then I was looking in the App Store for a fun program for drawing and then I saw make. I decided to give it a try. What made me stick to it? Besides instantly falling in love with the idea of 3D design? I stuck to it because of how easy it was to learn. I could notice great progress with each model I did.

You make models from a huge array of subjects. Where do you find your inspiration for them?  I'm a big sci-fi fan so that helps but I get most my ideas from google image search and work from other uMakers and designers. What is your favorite aspect about uMake?  I would say it's the new uMake community. I love seeing all the cool ideas people are coming up with and sharing my work with them. What would you love to see in the future with uMake?  I find it time-consuming and sometimes hard surfacing around holes in model. I would like to be able to cut holes in a surface.

What is your favorite model that you've created so far?  I would say it's my skull just because it so useful in so many projects. Before when making something like a helmet, I had to sketch two circles to represent a head then model around it.   

What are your plans for the future? Now that you are a guru with uMake do you think you will take the next step and learn another CAD program?  If anything I would like to learn a rendering program in the future. Take my 3-D modelling to the next level. (Chris Reid's model above, and below that is a rendering created by the uMake team).

Are there any models that you've been aching to create in uMake that you haven't had the chance to yet?  I would like to try some characters but feel like I need more practice before attempting it. You said in a Facebook comment that you did all your work with your right thumb? Is this true?  Yes I use my right thumb sometimes left. I use the rest of my fingers to hold the iPad while I sketch. Thanks for your time! Do you have anything else to add? (optional).  Just a fast tip for people who would like to learn this program. Start small, really small. The first thing I did was a cube and some Basic shapes, if you can do basic shapes then the rest will come easy.   Below are some of the incredible creations Chris has created in uMake:




  For more of Chris Reid's work, be sure to check out and follow Chris on Behance.    

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October 4, 2016


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