#DreamHome Challenge Winners

We are excited to announce the podium for the uMake #DreamHome challenge hosted on the uMake community. This was a fun challenge but also proved to be one of the more complex topics we've done to this point. While there were fewer entries in this challenge, those who did participate did some truly great work and really showed how they could push the limits of uMake! For everyone who participated, thank you! A big thanks to Evan Bronstein, who is Senior Architectural Project Designer at Kuhlmann design Group and also a teacher with Center of Creative Arts, where he teaches architectural concepts to 7-9 year olds. He helped to pick the winners for this challenge and his feedback was great and very detailed!  Without any more delay, let's announce the winners!  

🏆 Notable Entry


We wanted to give a shout out to Steven Hoven, who prior to this challenge posted several architectural designs. In this challenge Steven posted two concepts-- one exploratory and the other one more finalized. As our judge even stated about his work "The projects submitted under this name demonstrate a strong conceptual understanding of space and hint at architectural forms. While derived from simple shapes, they reveal a complexity of ideas through their arrangement, and material representation. UMake is a great tool for exploring 3-dimensional ideas, and these projects, particularly the wire frame object, reveal the opportunity to read abstract, spatial arrangements that may be incorporated in sculptural designs and imagined worlds.". Congrats Steven!    

🥉 Honorable Mentions

Next up is our honorable Mentions. Honorable mentions celebrate great work that impressed the uMake team and showed something really awesome that we want to highlight.

Big shout out o Jyrki Jurmo in this challenge for his circular inspired dream home complex complete with a boat dock, helicopter landing spot, infinity pool, and water-bridge design. This design showed a very high level of thought with tons of great amenities that would make any owner super happy. We are pretty sure Jyrki would be living like a king if this was his home. Congrats Jyrki on the Honorable Mention. Awesome project and really well done.   Now for the official prize winners: ....Drum roll please!.....  

🥈 Second Place 🥈

Choosing the finalists was difficult as there were so many great competitors in this challenge. The creativity and detail shown in the entry from Juli O'Reiley stood out to us and helped put this on on the podium. We loved the spherical feature in the middle of the house and the stair case inside, along with the detail of the patio, lamps, furniture etc. This would be a great dream home for anyone and we could totally see this overlooking a nice beach or ocean view somewhere in California. Nice work Julie!

🥇 First Place 🥇


The winner of the first place grand prize in the #DreamHome design challenge is none other than Elijah Pointer. His entry from the start was a community favorite, especially for its originality and for how different it was. As Elijah worked on the entry he added more and more detail to his entry, from complex shapes to beautiful textures.  "His mapping of tree bark materials, and placing the design in context with a compelling atmosphere represents the idea in a flattering way and conveys the idea exceedingly well" said Evan Bronstein. The final result is an incredible 'home'  you would actually dream about living in. Tarzan has got nothing on this! Congrats Elijah!   With that said we wanted to say once again that there were several good entries. To every one of you who participated in the #DreamHome challenge, congrats! We know this was a tough challenge and so the fact that you participated means a lot. Another huge shout out and thanks to our judge Evan Bronstein for his help with this challenge! Last, and not least, we wanted to give a mention to Chris Reid of this awesome home design! It was tough to choose the podium on this as there were several great entries, so we didn't want to forget about Chris's entry!

By Chris Reid

Congrats again to everyone!

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December 27, 2017