Designing On The Go For Less Than $50 a Month.

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  When I entered into the field of design, I wasn't prepared for the massive cost of the tools of the trade. You needed a powerful computer (usually a Mac-- often $2000+) and then the software (Adobe Suite was still around $1800 at the time) and then a decent camera (prepare to drop another $500-1500) then a Wacom tablet (and there goes another $300-500). And if you wanted to do anything 3D, well get ready for even more expenses. Even though the design field is competitive, just entering it with the right tools to be able to create used to be a huge burden, both financially, and physically - laptops, cameras and hard drives were heavier and  software took up quite a bit of space. Designing on the go was literally a pain.  This was pretty much the minimum requirement just to begin creating on the computer at that time. But things have drastically changed over the years, and it no no longer costs a small fortune to begin digitally creating with professional grade tools. Case in point -- did you know that you can get an iPad Pro, a data plan, and a few design programs for less than $50/month? It's totally possible to make designing on the go affordable, and the purchase of an iPad Pro seem a little less daunting. And  with the iPad Pro you get an incredible on-screen drawing experience, a terrific digital camera, and access to tons of great software for creatives. Here's how to get started. As wireless carriers search for new ways to sell more data to customers, they have made access to devices and data plans easier than ever. Over the past couple of years carriers have begun offering competitive monthly financing deals on iPad's with low cost yet sufficient data plans to go with them.  This allows you to not only distribute the sizable cost of an iPad over several months, but also get an iPad with a data plan, enabling you to create, work, and access your files or the internet on the go.

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  In the past, just getting data plans for iPads or hotspots would often easily START at $40 or more. I had one that was costing me $50/month... just for data! With the new rates, you can get a new 9.7" iPad Pro along with 2GB of high speed data for about $40/month from Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile, in the U.S.   If you budget another $10/month to cover the cost of app subscriptions such as uMake, and app purchases such as Concepts, Pixelmator, or Procreate, you will have your own powerful  'digital sketchbook' that you can take anywhere with you for about the same price as a few beers and an appetizer or two.  

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  If you are a student, recent graduate, or freelance designer, this is a great way to get your hands on the latest technology without having to worry about breaking the bank or always having to be in a spot with WiFi. If you are a Pro, this is an affordable way to take your creation on the road without having to worry about logging onto clients WiFi networks, and always having access to presentations and projects stored on the cloud. So if you are looking for a really cool way to get your hands on a new iPad Pro, this is a highly recommended solution. Nothing beats being able to create on the go without having to worry about being connected, or about an empty bank account. Happy creating!

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March 1, 2017