Collaboration Month

February is collaboration month here at uMake and that means we are actively looking for community members, up and coming brands and software companies (both desktop and app based) to work with. Here are just three ideas in which you can work with our award-winning 3D design platform that empowers everyone to create fun and immersive 3D content.


Content Packs for the Playground

We are looking to integrate select assets into our application so that users can drag and drop designs into their 3D canvas.

3D Playground

New Marketing Experience

Allow for boundless new experiences for your loyal community to carry on the brand experience that is interactive, mobile, and customizable. i.e. Host a user-generated design competition, use iPads with a custom version of uMake downloaded on them at events and conferences, etc.

Awesome AT-AT design by @enginhakanege #rogueone #starwars #3ddesign Created by: Ege Engin#uMake, #3D — uMake (@uMakeXYZ) December 20, 2016

Designed for Professionals

Your design team will be excited at the ease at which they can create and sell new concepts. uMake allows for exporting of OBJ, STEP, and IGES file types to work well with Rhino, the Autodesk  suite and Adobe suite of tools. Read more about it in Taking Your uMake Design Further.

Naval Watch by uMake on Sketchfab If you are interested email or just mention us on Twitter.

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February 9, 2017