Celebrating 6 months on the App Store


Everyone likes anniversaries no matter what the reason, so we thought we would celebrate 6 months since we launched on App Store alongside the iPad Pro. It's a small milestone but we wanted to celebrate nonetheless because we could not have done it without our intrepid uMakers aka YOU! Your support (and sometimes your questions) is what drives us every day to keep making uMake what it is, and to keep making it better. Maybe we got a little carried away with our updates - 13 so far, but we also had a lot of awesome user requested features - over 20 so far-- that we wanted to bring to life... so we did. And this is only the beginning. We hope things like layers, groups, better snapping, freestyle sketching mode and IGES/STEP file import will help you have fun creating in uMake and take your ideas further. As always, if you think you've got a great idea to make the uMake experience even "awesomeR", let us know, we'd love to hear from you!

It's also been really fun to see what our users are doing with uMake-- From incredible helmet designs, to robotic walkers, to super cars and chess pieces and drones and so many other awesome 3D sketches, the inspiratoin never stops. So jsut a little shout out (and thanks) to some of our big fans and supporters-- Chris Reid, Rob Pfischner, Carlos Rego, Reinhard Graff, David Runyon, Aurelien François, Matt Smith, Mark Gajewski, Dimitry Lobutin, Chris Edie, Mohamed Al Hashmi, McKenzie Koomson, Aleks Azouz, and Tim Rozier for sharing your work with us and for your great and consistent feedback during these first months! It's been an honor and joy working with you! We can't wait to see what you will do next with uMake. On our end it was pretty cool to get some recognition from Apple for being the "Best App on iPad Pro" in Apple's Best of 205 list, and also to get awarded "Best iPad app of the year" in iMore's best of 2015 list. Both were total surprises, but pretty sweet none the less. So what's the next 6 months look like? Well, let's just say we're pretty excited about what's to come! Our passion for continuous updates with more requested features is as strong as ever and we've got some really great and exciting plans for some additions that we know you will love. Here's to the next 6 months of uMaking more awesome!

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May 11, 2016