1. With two fingers, drag to Pan
  2. With two fingers, pinch in to zoom out or pinch out to zoom in


 00:00:00,390 --> 00:00:05,370
 As you work on projects in 3D space, knowing
 how to pan, tilt and zoom will be very handy.
 00:00:05,370 --> 00:00:10,420
 To pan, which moves the camera vertically
 or horizontally, simply use two fingers and
 00:00:10,420 --> 00:00:13,990
 swipe side to side, or up and down.
 00:00:13,990 --> 00:00:20,860
 To tilt, or 'rotate' the camera, use two fingers
 slightly spread apart, and twist.
 00:00:20,860 --> 00:00:28,120
 Lastly, to zoom, simply use the pinch gesture
 like you would in other apps.
 00:00:29,020 --> 00:00:30,480
 To zoom in,
 00:00:30,480 --> 00:00:34,770
 spread your fingers apart, and to zoom out
 bring your fingers together.
 00:00:34,770 --> 00:00:38,389
 Now try panning, tilting and zooming out for
 yourself to get a hang of it.

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