Mistakes happen when you create, but don’t worry, uMake has powerful undo and redo tools. This video shows you where they are and how to use them.


 00:00:00,320 --> 00:00:02,120
 Mistakes happen when you are creative.
 00:00:02,120 --> 00:00:05,890
 But don't worry, uMake has powerful undo and
 redo functoins.
 00:00:05,890 --> 00:00:10,660
 If you accidentally draw an extra line or
 move an object in a way that you didn't intend
 00:00:10,660 --> 00:00:14,299
 you can use the undo/ redo functions to recover.
 00:00:14,299 --> 00:00:18,610
 The undo/ redo buttons are located just above
 the orbit button.
 00:00:18,610 --> 00:00:23,890
 Tap the arrow pointing to the left to undo,
 and the arrow pointing to the right to redo.
 00:00:23,890 --> 00:00:29,359
 In addition double tapping anywhere on the
 canvas with two fingers will undo, while double
 00:00:29,359 --> 00:00:32,780
 tapping with three fingers will redo.
 00:00:32,780 --> 00:00:37,210
 Try the undo and redo functions out for yourself,
 and don't be scared of making mistakes
 00:00:37,210 --> 00:00:39,060
 as you create.

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