1. Double Tap to select an object
  2. Move by using the ‘Move’ arrows or just drag the bounding box
  3. Rotate by pressing & dragging the rotations knobs
  4. Scale by press & drag on the Scale icon or use one of the scale knobs around the bounding box to scale from different sides


 00:00:00,840 --> 00:00:06,470
 When working in 3D space, the ability to move,
 rotate, and scale objects is very important.
 00:00:06,470 --> 00:00:08,930
 In uMake these functions are quite easy.
 00:00:08,930 --> 00:00:12,490
 First, select the objects you would like to
 00:00:12,490 --> 00:00:16,700
 To move an object, you can use the arrows
 at the bottom of the bounding box.
 00:00:16,700 --> 00:00:21,830
 Orbiting around the object will change the
 axes along wich you can move the object.
 00:00:21,830 --> 00:00:26,470
 You can also tap and drag anywhere within
 the bounding box to to move an object.
 00:00:26,470 --> 00:00:32,619
 To rotate an object, simply use the curved
 arrows at the corner of the bounding box.
 00:00:32,619 --> 00:00:38,140
 To scale a selected object, use the diagonal
 arrows between the move arrows.
 00:00:38,140 --> 00:00:41,380
 This will uniformily scale an object.
 00:00:41,380 --> 00:00:46,440
 You can also use the handles on the sides
 and corners of the bounding box to scale objects
 00:00:46,440 --> 00:00:49,180
 along a particular axis.
 00:00:49,180 --> 00:00:53,030
 So that is how you move, rotate and scale
 objects in uMake.
 00:00:53,030 --> 00:00:53,809
 Try it for yourself.

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