1. Double tap on a line or a surface to select it, continue to select multiple lines or surfaces
  2. For multi-selection, press & hold the lasso button (next to the Orbit button) and with the other finger drag to select multiple objects


 00:00:00,820 --> 00:00:05,380
 Once you have sketched some basic shapes in
 uMake, you will be able to edit them in several ways.
 00:00:05,400 --> 00:00:09,180
 But first, you need to know how to select
 objects in uMake.
 00:00:09,190 --> 00:00:11,450
 Selecting curves and surfaces is easy.
 00:00:11,450 --> 00:00:15,429
 Simply double tap on any curve or surface
 to select it.
 00:00:15,429 --> 00:00:19,930
 Double tapping on multiple objects will select
 multiple objects.
 00:00:19,930 --> 00:00:22,470
 Selected objects will turn dark blue.
 00:00:22,470 --> 00:00:26,359
 In additoin to this, you will notice a bounding
 box form around selected objects.
 00:00:26,359 --> 00:00:32,730
 To deselect an object, double tap on the selected
 object you want to deselect.
 00:00:32,730 --> 00:00:38,430
 To deselect all selected objects, double tap
 anywhere in the canvas to relese the selection.
 00:00:38,430 --> 00:00:41,220
 Now try selecting and deselecting objects
 in uMake.

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