This video walks you through the basics of sketching in uMake


 00:00:00,890 --> 00:00:05,720
 To start creating in uMake, simply sketch
 like you would on a normal piece of paper.
 00:00:05,720 --> 00:00:08,630
 Lets select the Sketching tool in the top
 of the interface.
 00:00:08,630 --> 00:00:13,170
 This tool lets you create freeform curves
 with ease that can be edited.
 00:00:13,170 --> 00:00:17,180
 You can use your finger or a stylus to sketch
 in uMake.
 00:00:17,180 --> 00:00:21,550
 When you first start a sketch in uMake, you
 need to be sketching on a plane.
 00:00:21,550 --> 00:00:24,449
 By default uMake opens up in the 'Front view'.
 00:00:24,449 --> 00:00:27,439
 When you see a grid that means you can sketch.
 00:00:27,439 --> 00:00:33,300
 If you orbit around in space, if you don't
 see a grid, you won't be able to sketch.
 00:00:33,300 --> 00:00:38,320
 We will show you how to actually sketch in
 3D space in our Sketch Planes video.
 00:00:38,320 --> 00:00:44,760
 For now, use the orthographic views and try
 sketching a few simple shapes with the sketching tool.
 00:00:44,980 --> 00:00:49,740
 Lastly, if you sketch a closed shape, you
 may notice a surface is automatically created.

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