To erase object(s) – curve, surface, group:

  1. Double tap on the object
  2. Tap on the “Erase” button from the side menu


 00:00:00,489 --> 00:00:03,150
 If you ever need to erase an object in uMake,
 it's very simple.
 00:00:03,150 --> 00:00:08,220
 Simply select the object or objects you need
 to erase in uMake, and then tap the 'Erase'
 00:00:08,220 --> 00:00:10,720
 button in in the dynamic side menu.
 00:00:10,720 --> 00:00:16,000
 You can erase objects one by one or select
 multiple ojbects and erase with one tap.
 00:00:16,000 --> 00:00:16,980
 Try it out for yourself.

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