The side panel is an important part of the uMake interface and experience. It contains a ton of content and settings which will help you create. This video is a quick introduction to the uMake Side Panel.


 The side panel in uMake, which is located
 in the right of the interface by default,
 is where you can find several useful and powerful
 functions in uMake.
 To access the side panel, tap on the icon
 in the top of the interface.
 This will open up the side panel.
 This is where you can access the uMake Playground
 content library, photos and textures, layers,
 view settings, app settings, export functions,
 and more help.
 We cover each of these categories in separate
 videos, but we strongly recommend spending
 some time in the side panel to get familiar
 with what features you can find, and how you
 can use each feature and function during your
 creative process.

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