The uMake editor settings panel lets you access several settings to help you use the editor more efficiently. This video shows you where to find the settings and how to use them.


 You will find even more settings for the uMake
 editor in the Editor Settings panel in the
 side panel.
 To access these settings, first open up the
 side panel, and then tap on the 5th icon from
 the top, indicated by the little gear.
 Here you will find several settings for the
 uMake editor.
 You can show or hide quick menus, enable Apple
 Pencil mode, or enable the left hand interface.
 In addition you can change settings for more
 precise design by choosing grid units, enabling
 or disabling dimensions, and accessing options
 for snapping and symmetry.
 Lastly you can toggle on or off Auto Surfacing.
 Spend some time in the settings panel to get
 used to where these options are as you may
 need to use them every once in a while.

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