uMake Help - Textures


Use textures to quickly make your models look amazing

uMake Photorealistic Rendering

Photorealistic Rendering

uMake now enables you to render your scenes with more realistic lighting and a showdown for a totally unique look.

Slided - uMake


The Slides feature in uMake lets you create dynamic presentations of your creations in uMake

Camera Settings

Camera Settings

Advanced camera settings to help you get just the right look from wide angle to orthographic to isometric views

Video Courses

uMake - Learn - Getting Started Video Tutorials

Getting Started

Cover the basics with these essentials

uMake - Learn - 1-Day Video-Courses

1-Day Courses

These 1-Day courses will get you started in-no-time

uMake - Learn - 3-Day Video-Courses

3-Day Courses

Discover more features with these courses

uMake - Learn - 7-Day Video-Courses

7-Day Courses

Master the most powerful features

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