We love our uMake users and support is just a tap away! This video shows you how you can get support right in the uMake editor!

성적 증명서:

 The last option in the uMake Side Panel is
 all about support.
 We love our uMake users and want to support
 you to the best of our ability.
 So, as you use uMake, support is just a tap
 To access the support panel, open the side
 panel, and then tap the question mark icon.
 Here you can report a bug, send us feedback,
 check on the status of your support tickets,
 and access the uMake forum.
 If you ever need support from within the app,
 don?t hesitate to use the support panel
 to get in touch.

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Camera Settings

Camera Settings

Advanced camera settings to help you get just the right look from wide angle to orthographic to isometric views

iPhone 및 iPad를위한 최고의 3D CAD 앱.

iPhone 및 iPad 용

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