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When you select any item or items in uMake, you will notice that not only will the color of the item selected change, but a light blue ‘bounding box’ will surround the item indicated by dashed lines. The edges of the bounding box are slightly shaded to show where the bounding box is in space. Depending on the angle that you are viewing selected objects, the bounding box will have some arrows and curved arrows around the corners of the box. These arrows are used to move, scale, and rotate the selected objects. In addition to this, you may notice some dark blue dashes along the edges of the box – these are used to scale a specific edge enabling ‘non-uniform scaling’ of objects.

Moving Selected Objects

To move selected objects, use the two arrows at the lower corners of the bounding box. The directions you can move selected objects depends on the angle you are viewing these objects. Orbiting around will change the directions you can move the object. 
In addition to moving selected objects with the arrows, you can also tap and drag in the center of a selected object to move it freely without having to use the arrows. The arrows are good for moving objects along specific axes, whereas this method is great to move objects around freely.

Scaling Selected Objects (Uniform)

When you select an object, you will notice a small set of diagonal arrows in a circle – this is your ‘Uniform’ scaling tool. Tapping and dragging on this will scale selected objects in all 3 axes and maintain the proportions of the objects.

Scaling Selected Objects (Non-Uniform)

When an object is selected, the face of the bounding box closest to the angle of the camera will feature large dark blue ‘handles’ along the edges of the bounding box. Tapping and dragging on these will scale the selected object in just one direction, or along one axis. This will change the proportions of the selected object. This is one way you can easily transform a square shape into a rectangle, or a circle to an ellipse.

Rotating Selected Objects

When an object selected, you will find two sets of curved arrows on the corners of the bounding box. These can be used for rotating the selected object around 2 axes, depending on the angle you are viewing the selected object, and which curved arrow you use. To rotate the object, simply tap and drag one of the curved arrows, and the object will rotate around the axis indicated by the arrows. 

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The Selection Bounding Box

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