Selecting Objects in uMake

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Selecting objects in uMake is very easy. Simply double-tap on any curve or surface to select an object. Once selected an object will turn to a blue color. Double tapping on more than one object will select multiple objects. Double tapping on an object that has already been selected will deselect the object. To deselect all objects, simply double-tap anywhere on the canvas and all selected objects will be deselected.

Multi-Select/ Lasso

To select multiple objects at once, you can use the Mulit-Select/ Lasso tool located next to the Orbit Button. Simply tap and hold on the multi-select button and then drag a selection around the objects you wish to select. All objects (that are not on locked layers) – surfaces and curves – that are in the ‘selection area’ will be selected and turn blue. You can double tap on any objects you don’t want to select by double tapping them.

Double tap on the canvas to deselect all objects once you are finished.

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Selecting Objects in uMake

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