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The orbit button lets you tumble and orbit around in 3D space, letting you easily see your creations in 3D space and enabling 3D sketching. The orbit button is what takes you out of 2D orthographic views and into 3D perspective. 

Using the Orbit Button

To use the orbit button, simply tap and hold on the orbit button with one finger, and then slide another finger or stylus across the screen to move around in 3D space. This is best done using two hands. 

Left Handed Interface

The orbit button can also be moved to any of the four corners. By default the orbit button is located in the lower left corner of uMakes interface. 

Moving the Orbit button to the right side of the interface will set up uMake for Left handed users.

To move the Orbit button, simply tap and hold on the button for more than one second, then drag the orbit button to any of the four corners. As you drag the button, you will see indications as to where the button can be placed.

View Mode

Double tapping on the orbit button will initiate ‘View Mode’ letting users orbit and tumble the camera without having to tap and hold on the orbit button. In ‘view mode’ you will not be able to sketch or create as the mode is primarily for viewing work with ease.

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Orbit Button

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