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Layers let you create complex designs and manage various parts of the uMake Model. Layers can be used to organize a model, show or hide certain parts, and change the visibility attributes of parts of a model.

Each file starts with one “Default” layer. This is where any objects that you create – curves or surfaces, will be placed. When you create a new file, if you begin sketching or creating objects, all of these objects will be placed on the “default” layers.

Tapping the ‘+’ icon in the upper right of the layers panel will add a new layer. You can add as many layers as you want in uMake using the plus button.

Each Layer is presented with 4 visible elements:

  • Layer handle – represented by 4 dots. This lets you change the order of layers. To use the Layer handle, tap on the left edge of a layer and hold. After 1 second, the layer will shrink, and you will be able to drage the layer up or down to change the order of the layers.
  • Visibility indicator – This is the circle on each layer. If blue it means the layer is visible. If gray it means the layer is hidden, and if Yellow, it means the layer is locked.
  • Layer name – this is where the name of the layer is displayed.
  • Layer options arrow – Tapping on the arrow all the way to the right of a layer will open up the layer options. Each layer has it’s own set of options that change various attributes of a layer.

Layer Options

By tapping on the layer Options arrow, you will be given the following options: 

  • Back – this will exit out of the layer options.
  • Opacity – this will change the opacity of they layer. Tapping on this option will open up a slider. Sliding the slider to the left will result in the layer elements being invisible. Conversely sliding the slider to the right will result in the objects being shown at 100% opacity. You can use this slider to make objects semi translucent. When you are done sliding the slider, simply tap on the check mark to the right of the slider to go back to layer options.
  • Assign – when you have 1 or more object (Surfaces or curves) selected, tap on assign to assign those elements to that layer. If you created some objects on one layer and wish to transfer those objects to another layer, you can do this by selecting the objects you wish to ‘reassign’ to a new layer, then selecting the layer you want to put them on, tap layer options, and then tap ‘Assign’.
  • Unlocked/ Locked – You can lock layers so that objects on those layers are not selected or moved while you work. Tap ‘Unlocked’ to lock a layer, and ‘Locked’ to unlock the layer – the icon shows the locked status of the layer. You can also Lock/ Unlock a layer by swiping to the right on any layer. Swipe once to lock, swipe again to unlock.
    *Rename – Rename lets you rename a layer. By default layers are given the name of Layer 1, Layer 2 Layer 3 etc. You can rename a layer to fit your design by tapping on Rename.
  • Delete – Tap delete to delete a layer. Keep in mind that all contents assigned to that layer will also be deleted.

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