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The export panel lets you export your uMake creates as images or 3D files.

Save as Photo

Tap ‘Save as Photo’ to save a PNG image to your Photos app on your iPad. The images uMake exports are transparent PNG’s to make working with them easy. 

Export to File

Tap export to file to export to multiple 3D file formats. You will be presented with a list of formats to choose from. Chose your preferred file type and then select a method to export the file – Save to Files App (iCloud Drive), Send via e-mail (iOS Mail App) or send to another device (iPhone, iPad or Mac) using AirDrop.

  • Export as STP – STEP is a universal file format that works well with several types of software and maintains NURBS quality. Surfaces remain separate with STP files.
  • Export as IGES – IGES is a universal file format that works well with several type of software. While it does maintain good quality, IGES files are often grouped together and surfaces and curves are more difficult to separate depending on the program opening the IGES file.
  • EXPORT as OBJ – This converts your uMake NURBS file into a polygonal file format that is a standard across many applications.
  • Export as STL – STL files are often the standard for 3D printing and milling operations. Files from uMake are not ‘watertight’ and sealed and may require additional work before they can be printed or milled.
  • Export as UMK – UMK is the uMake native file format. This is a good option if you are saving the file to another device, archiving a file, or know you will be working with this file with uMake. UMK files cannot be read by any other application other than uMake.

Copy to Other Apps

Use this function to send a UMK file to other apps for sharing with a team or friend. This does not export the file– it is more for saving or sharing with others.

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