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The uMake editor is where all of the magic happens. This is where you will sketch in 3D to create your creations. The editor is packed with powerful tools that make it easy to bring your ideas into 3D space. We will have a whole section on the editor later, but for now, the graphic below is the general overview of the uMake Editor.

Are you ready to Create in 3D? Welcome to the uMake Editor! The uMake Editor is split up in 5 main parts:

  • The Canvas – This is where you sketch and Create.
  • The Top Menu – This is where sketch tool settings are located, as well as views and some other controls.
  • The Side Panel – This is where you will be able to access the uMake Playground content library, your image library, layers, view settings, tool settings, export, and support.
  • The Orbit Button
  • The Editing Tools Side Menu.

The Graphic below demonstrates the various parts.

We will get into each of these parts, but before we begin, it is good to get familiar with each part.

Keep in mind that uMake features a dynamic interface that reacts based on what you are doing, so only the tools and functions that may be relevant to what you are doing at that moment are shown. This helps keep the interface clean and easy to use.

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Editor Overview

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