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uMake is a 3D sketching and modeling application with exceptional power to enable anyone to express their ideas in 3D space. It is unique because it literally enables you to sketch in 3D space. In most other 3D applications, you start by plotting points, sculpting from basic shapes, or starting with primitive shapes and then modifying them. uMake enables you to sketch curves and then create surfaces. 

To sketch in uMake, select any of the sketching tools in the top menu and then tap and drag your finger or stylus anywhere on the canvas to create a curve. We recommend using the Pen tool to sketch in uMake for most projects. If you are in any of the orthographic views your curve will appear on the center of plane between two primary axes. For example, uMake opens new files in the Front Orthographic view by default. When you sketch, you are sketching on the plane that goes between the Z and Y axis. If you sketch in the front view you will be creating curves on the plane between the Y and X axes, and if you sketch from the top view you are creating curves on the plane between the X and Z axes.

For now, to get started, start in any standard view (See Views for more) and tap and drag your stylus or finger to create a curve, just like you would to sketch on a piece of paper.

Precision Curves

To sketch precise horizontal, vertical, or straight angled lines, along with perfect circles or arcs, use the Precision Pen tool. Sketch like you normally would but know that the precision curve tool is only capable of straight lines, circles, and arcs. It’s best used in technical drawings which require a level of precision.

Standard Curves

To sketch normal curves in uMake, use the Standard Pen Tool. The pen tool is the middle pen tool in the top menu. This is the tool we recommend for most projects as it creates clean NURBS curves. NURBS Curves can easily be edited and if you export your design to other applications, can be used with other programs. The standard curve tool can also be used to create perfect circles, rectangles and squares. Simply sketch a shape close to a circle, rectangle or square and uMake will try to recognize the shape and correct the shape for you.

Freestyle Curves

If you are looking for a more loose sketching experience where you can truly express your ideas without worrying about precision or the need to edit curves later, try the freestyle pen sketching tool – the third sketching tool in the top menu. The freestyle curves tool lets you sketch curves that are Not NURBS curves and cannot be edited after sketching them. In addition the curves are not corrected or smoothed, however, this is OK if you are trying to just get a rough idea for a project.

Sketch tool settings

Each of the sketching tools – Precision Pen tool, Standard Pen tool, Freestyle pen tool have a settings panel you can use to change the size and color of the curve. Once the tool is selected, tap once more to activate the drop down settings. In this menu you will find the following:

  • **Stroke Sze:**The first setting you will see will be a number. This is your stroke size. Tap on the number and adjust the slider to change the size of the stroke. You can go from 1-100. This changes how thick the stroke appears.
  • Color Setting: Next you will see a color palette where you can choose any color for your stroke. Simply tap anywhere in the color selector to choose a color. You can drag your finger or stylus around to choose a color. Below the color picker, you will see a shade slider, where you can change the shade of the color you choose.
  • Color History: Color history contains the last 15 colors you have used in uMake. This makes it easy to keep colors consistent when working on complex projects.

Once you are done with the settings, simply tap anywhere on the sketching canvas to exit the settings panel.

You can change the colors and stroke of curves before sketching, or after they are already created. Simply double tap to select any curve or curves you would like to modify, and tap the sketching tool to prompt the settings drop down. Make the desired changes and tap anywhere on the canvas to exit the settings panel.

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Basic Sketching

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