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The Array tool enables you to create a Polar array of objects in uMake. You can make up to 16 duplicates in a polar array. A polar array is a circular array – its good for creating things like markers on a clock or watch, spokes for a wheel, or other kinds of more complex designs.

To use the array tool select the objects you would like to array.

The array tool will open up and give you two sliders:

  • Angle: Angle of the array– this will enable you to change the angle that the array will be in- from 30º to 360º
  • Copies: The next slider lets you choose how many copies (including the original) you would like to create– you can choose 2-16 copies.

Once you have selected the angle and number of copies, you will notice a small green circle at the center of the array. Move this small green circle to where you want the center of the array to be. Keep in mind that changing the angle of view will change how the array is. It is best to create arrays from one of the orthographic views, such as the front, side, or top views. Once you are happy with the array you’ve created, tap the green check mark.

NOTE: When creating an array, if you have a circle and want to center the array in a circle, uMake will detect this situation and if you drag the green center of the array to the center of the circle curve, uMake will snap the center of the array to the center of the circle. This is great for making things like watches, wheels or other complex designs that need to be centered in a circle.

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