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Side Panels Overview

in uMake houses several functions and features that help with the creation process. Within the side Panel you will find...
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Playground (Content Library)

The uMake Playground is uMakes’ asset library with over 200 professionally made models and assets to help you get started...
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The uMake Photos panel lets you use your own photos, access hundreds of pre-made textures, and add atmospheres to your...
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Layers let you create complex designs and manage various parts of the uMake Model. Layers can be used to organize...
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The View panel enables you to choose what you see and don’t see as you work. Here you can change...
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The settings panel is where you can toggle certain interface settings for better performance. User Interface Here you will find...
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The export panel lets you export your uMake creates as images or 3D files. Save as Photo Tap ‘Save as...
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Access uMake Support right from within uMake in the Support Panel. The support panel gives you options to report bugs,...
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