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My Designs Overview

uMake features two primary interfaces that you will encounter when using the app. These are the ‘File Manager’ interface, and...
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File Syncing

uMake automatically syncs files every few minutes to make sure your files are backed up. In the event that you...
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Import Files

Tapping on ‘Import’ in the upper part of the File Manager interface will prompt you to open the iOS ‘Files’...
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Edit Files

The ‘Edit’ Function found in the upper right corner of the File Manager interface lets you manage your files with...
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Create Folder

With one or more files selected, tapping ‘Create Folder’ will let you create a folder with 1 or more files...
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Report Problem

If you have a file that is not opening properly, select that file, and then tap ‘Report Problem’. This will...
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Duplicate File

In “Edit Mode”, tapping on the “Duplicate” button means that selected files will be duplicated.
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Share Files (Export)

If you want to share or export a file, or multiple files simultaneously, you can do it from the file...
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Delete Files

This will delete an selected files. You will be prompted to confirm the deletion before files are deleted. 
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Create a New Design

Under My Designs, you can easily create a new design by tapping on the square in the upper left labeled...
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