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Working in 3D Space

To work in 3D, you will need to have a basic understanding of space. In 3D, you will work with...
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Moving around in uMake

Moving around in uMake and in 3D Space may seem a bit tricky with an iPad, but uMake has worked...
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Basic Sketching

uMake is a 3D sketching and modeling application with exceptional power to enable anyone to express their ideas in 3D...
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3D Sketching (Sketch Planes)

Sketch planes are the magic behind uMake. They enable anyone to sketch in 3D space, and this is what separates...
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Editing Curves

uMake gives you control of curves even after you’ve sketched them with powerful editing tools. You can move curves, rotate...
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Selecting Objects in uMake

Selecting objects in uMake is very easy. Simply double-tap on any curve or surface to select an object. Once selected...
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Creating Surfaces

There are several ways to create surfaces in uMake, enabling you to create a multitude of interesting objects. Planar (Flat)...
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Editing Surfaces

Once surfaces are created in uMake, you can still edit the color and shape of them after they have been...
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Tips & Tricks

Creating curves When creating curves in uMake there are two primary ways you can do this. The first is to...
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