We’re sharing the love with this special Valentine’s Day update:

Isometric Views, Elevation Grade Angle and Len’s Field of View

Under the ‘View’ panel, you’ll find the new ‘Camera Settings’ where you can control the Camera Lens’ field-of-view, elevation grade angle, and new default isometric views.

Group Improvements

Finally, groups now support snap commands (we know it took us a while to bring this feature to you!).

New ‘Basics’ videos

Whether you’re new to uMake or already familiar with it – enjoy our new fundamentals videos of uMake. We hope they will help you to master uMake quickly!

SketchUp 2020 files support

Now you can import SketchUp 2020 files into uMake.

Bug fixes and improvements

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uMake Version 3.9

Version 3.9

New Layers experience We are introducing a new Layers experience to keep your drawings organized and efficient. Now you can easily create collections of multiple

Text Tool - uMake

Version 3.10

Create 2D or 3D text using our new text tool. On your iPad, tap on the “T” button on the top menu; on iPhone, tap on the small arrow below the precision tool to reveal the Text tool.

Version 3.11

A quick update: Now, you’re able to use Undo & Redo when measuring objects in uMake.

Dimension Tools - uMake

Version 3.12

Now you can add dimension labels to drawings in uMake. Enter the Measurement tool, then tap on any line, arc, circle, or area or add a measurement point (press & hold);

uMake Photorealistic Rendering

Version 3.13

We’re proud to introduce the first on-device photorealistic rendering on the iPhone and iPad. With this feature, you will be able to get a more realistic view of your creation.

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